About us Cívicamente

Every project that is born to change the world must have a good story to support it 🌟


We are convinced that more educated people build a better country (and consequently a better planet).

We are not talking about diplomas and great titles, we are referring to an education based on values, principles and virtues, transversal elements that must be promoted at home and at school.

It is necessary for education to evolve to adapt to the new generations and we are contributing to the change.

How was Cívicamente born?

Before we started working tirelessly, we asked ourselves the following 3 questions:

  1. How to make such a valuable but forgotten subject once again be considered of general interest and remain in people's souls for life?

  2. To whom should we direct this?
    It is not enough to teach the greatest. Citizen Education must be in the soul of the students and must be approached at an early age (The answer we were looking for). The purpose is education in social values, such as responsibility and participation, that cooperate in the development of solidarity behaviors, based on full identification with the community and respect for coexistence, among many other things.

  3. And finally... How do we explain to them in a simple and didactic way the contents that they must know and take root to function in today's life?

Done, we know what we should do.

¿What is Cívicamente?

Cívicamente is a one-of-a-kind, modern and simple pedagogical tool, based on our 3-pillar Masterbrain methodology: See, Do and Learn.

It was created exclusively to change the way of educating the little ones and we want it to be a meaningful and motivating experience both in the classroom and outside of it.

As the well-known Chinese proverb says: Tell me something and I'll forget it, teach me something and I'll remember it, but make me part of something and I'll learn it.... Civically it is experiential participation, bringing together elements that allow capturing the student's attention and maximizing their learning.

One of our main objectives is to democratize access to pedagogical content and contribute significantly to student learning. We want it to be available to everyone.

¿What we teach in Cívicamente?

In more than 120 unique topics, we incorporate all the contents of Citizen Training and Civic Education required by the Ministry of Education, based on the guidelines, objectives and obligations of Law 20,911 and the Ministry of Education. Similarly, Citizenship Training is universal, therefore the vast majority of our content can be addressed anywhere in the world.

¿Who is it for?

First of all, we know that Citizen Education is transversal and there is no age to want to learn, but today our effort is focused from 3rd grade to 2nd grade since it is required to have learned to read.

¿How we create the content?

We have a team specialized in Citizen Training and Civic Education, led by our Content Manager and History teacher Mercedes Sepúlveda.


All our content is based on the experience gained over 40 years of service in Educational Establishments. We are constantly exploring and creating new material, which must meet the goal of promoting being better people.